Delphi VCL Applications with mixed DPI

High DPI display and 4K Monitors are getting more common these days. Supporting higher settings than 96 dpi is already possible with some of the newer Delphi versions.

Nevertheless this is still a time and resource consuming task. Not only do you need additional sizes for the icons used in your application, you also have to check each form and frame for looking good in higher scaled environments.

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Tweaking DFM Loading

One of the most shown feature of Delphi is its Design Editor with its ability to design forms and connect components in an easy and intuitive way. I can’t count the occasions where I have seen a form being decorated with some data controls connected to a TDatasource, which itself is connected to a TDataset descendant (see the docwiki). Continue reading “Tweaking DFM Loading”

Bigger is not always better!

Even years after switching from centralized version control to a decentralized one (or to be more precise: from Subversion to Mercurial) I still find myself stuffing different unrelated changes into one commit. Sometimes there are just some small changes to make the code compile in your current environment, sometimes you correct typos in the comments or string resources, sometimes it is just a better formatting of the code. All of these changes have nothing to do with the current bug to fix or the current feature to implement, but they end up being part of the commit – and that is just plain wrong! When it comes to commits, make them as small as possible! Continue reading “Bigger is not always better!”