More on Designing in High DPI

In my recent article Designing in High DPI you may have read about the problems that come with High DPI design and some more or less acceptable workarounds for those.

While the latest release of Delphi 12 Athens still does not provide a built-in solution to that problem I decided to develop a plugin handling the necessary scaling directly inside the IDE on saving the DFM files.

The project can be found on GitHub:

Mind that it is still work in progress and most likely contains errors or does not cover all scenarios. If you like and find the time to try it out, please notify me of anything not working as you expect.

Also remember to vote for RSP-35301 in case you did not already. We can never have enough votes to show the priority this feature request has for a significant number of developers and teams.

Designing in High DPI

High DPI support in the Delphi IDE was introduced in Delphi 11 Alexandria. Besides the unavoidable bugs and glitches, which most of have meanwhile been resolved with updates, there has evolved a conceptual discussion about how the VCL Form Designer  should work in an High DPI context. This article explains the requirements arising in different development environments and some guides and workarounds to actually make use of this new feature. Continue reading “Designing in High DPI”

Icon Lab in Action and New Overlays

You may remember my previous blog post where I announced I had been collaborating with icon designer Dave Wilkinson over at GlyphLab. I created for him Icon Lab an app that uses his latest huge library of icons to create new icons on the fly. No expensive graphics software or skills needed.

His “Set Eleven” Windows style icons came with a library of eighty overlays. Icon Lab lets you easily combine any base icon with the overlays of your choice. Continue reading “Icon Lab in Action and New Overlays”