CmonLib: A Facelift for DataSetHelper

Some of you might already be aware of my CmonLib,  which, according to the GitHub ReadMe, is a collection of several units with different purpose.

My intention for this library was to group all those single-file-helper-units into one repository which can be added as a single submodule to any project in one go. In addition, a couple of these helpers share some common functionality which could better be mapped in one repository, while the alternative would be multiple pretty small repositories forming a hierarchy.

This means that there are very few dependencies between all units of CmonLib. For details, please refer to the ReadMe.

One of those helper units is Cmon.DataSetHelper.pas, which is the new name and place of the former DataSetEnumerator. There is another article in this blog describing that helper: Dataset Enumerator Reloaded

During the last weeks there have been some improvements and extensions to this unit which I am going to explain in this article. Continue reading “CmonLib: A Facelift for DataSetHelper”