18 Years of Delphi Programming

Some weeks after I got my Delphi 1 I had some contract work for a CAD/CAM system at a company located in my home town. After discussing a specific problem with their chief programmer (he was on C++) for the whole morning I was not able to convince him that my proposed solution will work.

During lunch break I went home, started Delphi and just wrote a prototype for proof. When I came back only about an hour after I left and showed him the working sample, he couldn’t believe it – always trying to find out how I did manage to cheat.

A few months later he quit…

Happy Birthday Delphi!

Author: Uwe Raabe

Addicted to Pascal/Delphi since the late 70's

2 thoughts on “18 Years of Delphi Programming”

  1. Hello.

    Interesting story, but what do you mean by “he quit”.

    Left the company? Why? Because you was able to complete the job?

    1. Well, he left the company and I cannot say for sure why. Perhaps he couldn’t stand that his choice of tools didn’t perform as good as others.

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