DprojSplitter for Delphi XE2 to XE6 available

I just added support for Delphi XE2 to XE6 in DprojSplitter V1.0.4 – no change in functionality so far.

As I currently don’t have the time to test the plugin in all supported Delphi versions, please give me a note if anything is not working as expected and I will fix it as soon as possible.

In case you are still using a Delphi version below XE2 you have to be patient. The relevant dproj settings are stored in a different way in older Delphi versions, so supporting those is not just a matter of making it compile, but implementing it in another way.

To justify the effort I would like to hear from you which Delphi versions you would like to see supported, so please drop a short comment here.

Author: Uwe Raabe

Addicted to Pascal/Delphi since the late 70's

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