How to save QualityCentral

Recently Embarcadero closed the QualityCentral website and actually Jim McKeeth blogged about that.

Just in case you want to download the content of QualityCentral, I slapped together some code to achieve that: QCScraper

You have to insert your EDN email and password and specify a target file name. Note that the download can take a couple of hours to finish. The resulting file can directly be loaded into a TClientDataSet, so you have plenty of options to work with it and store it to your needs.

Currently the attachments of each case are missing and the lookups are not resolved, but the provided code should give you enough hints to implement that by yourself.

Be aware that the cases returned are specific to your account and may contain records not seen publicly. That is one reason why I don’t provide the downloaded file directly.

BTW, the code is only tested with Delphi 10.2 Tokyo.

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  2. Larry Hengen says:

    Thanks for the utility. Thought I would give it a try, but it consistently AVs in ntdll after showing A:4 in the console. LIkely related to my data since it gets up to row 3501 of 92347 for DataType ‘A’ in TQCScraper.FetchData()

    • Uwe Raabe says:

      Are you able to debug it to get the offending line? Unfortunately I am only able to run it with my own credentials and that went through without problems for several times.

  3. Thanks! Running it now.

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