Package Magician v1.0.3

Those of you who use Package Magician (and probably those who don’t yet) may be interested to know that I have uploaded a new version V1.0.3 with the following fixes and enhancements.

  • Fix: The wildcard support in the Forbidden section simply didn’t work. The error crept in during retro-fitting the code for the older Delphi versions where the relevant if-condition was accidentally inverted.
  • Fix: Unloading Package Magician could lead to access violations.
  • Fix: Versions for XE to XE8 were missing the icon.
  • Enhacement: Packages unloaded because they are forbidden are now reloaded when the project changes, except the new project also prohibits that.
  • Enhacement: Packages loaded because they are required are no longer unloaded on project change when they have been originally loaded before.
  • Enhacement: Closing the IDE now restores the original state.

The goal is that Package Magician provides the current project with the correct package environment, but restores the previous state afterwards. It turned out quite tricky to tackle all possible constellations, f.i. when a sequel of projects require a common set of packages. Another potential problem can arise when new packages are added to the IDE while such a project is active. If anyone encounters a misbehavior of Package Magician in some cases, please drop me a line with a detailed description of that scenario.

Download: PackageMagicianSetup

Author: Uwe Raabe

Addicted to Pascal/Delphi since the late 70's