DataSnap in the Cloud

Last weekend I spoke at the Delphi Tage in Heidelberg about DataSnap In The Cloud and I promised to provide the referenced data for download. So here it is:

DataSnap in the Cloud (PDF)

The slides from the presentation. I omitted those slides serving transition effects only.

FishFacts (Project)

The modified FishFacts project. The console application project is called FishFactsServer.  It contains the changes to make it work with SQL Database in Azure as well as the patched Data.DBXMSSQLMetaDataReader.pas (XE2) to make it work with SQL (Azure) Database.

Azure Cloud Service

The Azure Cloud Services Project. You have to copy the FishFactsServer.exe into the WorkerRole folder after compilation and before making the package.

DbDemos SQL Script

SQL Script for DbDemos Database. Executing this script in SQL Managment Studio will create and populate the complete dbdemos database in a format suitable for SQL (Azure) Database.


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  2. Cesar Romero says:

    Great stuff!
    Thank you for share.

  3. Mike Sutton says:

    Hi Uwe, sorry for OT post. I’m offering a free copy of my MonkeyStyler FireMonkey style editor software to all MVPs. Email me if you’re interested.

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